oh. number forty-three.


lisa currie said...

such a nice looking blog!

and this mistake really hit a nerve. cept for me i don't think it was a mistake - if you feel love you have to put everything into it hey. and yes, i found my hubby eventually :)

Anonymous said...

Struck a nerve here too.

I think we can all learn from these people. That if they are willing to forgive us for the detriment and torture we caused them, then who can't we learn to forgive?

I recently drug a dear friend through hell and high water only to send him on his way. After all that effort he put into the relationship. Then I requested not to be contacted. From a loving, caring relationship to no communication at all, how much worse could I have made it?

He forgave. Forgive yourself and forgive the other person. And to say any of the past we shared together was a mistake, well, that'd be a mistake. It simply was a lesson in life. One about forgiveness and self-preservation.